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Walla Walla
Gutter Cleaning

With our quick gutter cleaning service, you can be sure that all of your home's outside drainage will stay clear, clean, and flowing.

Do you constantly find rainwater overflowing from your gutter? Annoyed at the excess water making its way into your basement?


Perhaps your driveway always remains wet because your gutter keeps getting clogged. Are you noticing mould patches on your walls as a result of poor rain drainage? Can you spot the wall paint near your gutter peeling off or flaking?

These are only a handful among scores of other problems you may face when your home’s gutters remain choked or clogged. Our gutter cleaning service ensures that you prevent these problems by keeping your gutters clean and free.

Of course, no one enjoys raising that old ladder to scrape old leaves and mud from your gutters. Leave this dreaded job to us. We deliver the fastest, cleanest, and most reliable gutter cleaning expertise in all of Walla Walla.

Keeping up with the gutter cleaning industry can be challenging, though. It requires constant improvement of skills, training of staff, arranging tools and equipment, and revising the industry's best practices. We do admit that the demand for our services keeps increasing, which means a packed schedule year-round. So, grab our cleaning services today and enjoy a clog-free gutter!

What Our Customers Say About Us

"They’re, without a doubt, the best cleaning company in our county. The staff is all well-trained, extremely polite, and awesome at their job."

"I’ve always cleaned my own roof gutters and thought I was doing a good job. That was until my wife hired these guys last summer. I saw what professional cleaning truly looks like. After that first stint, we’ve hired them every season since."

"They were extremely polite, reliable, and prompt with their cleaning. 10/10, I would hire again!"

"A friend of mine suggested these guys to me. I tried (hesitatingly). And man, I’m glad I did! They’re easily the most efficient gutter-cleaning team in the city. Plus, their rates are incredibly reasonable given the quality of cleaning they do."



Sometimes it takes some work to describe our services to new clients. That's because our expertise comes from the quality of cleaning that's only visible from the homeowner's perspective.

To that end, There are a few lines of what past and regular customers have shared about us just above. Skim over a few testimonials and see if you’d like to be in their position too.

Manual gutter cleaning

It requires climbing a ladder to physically clean your gutters.

Power washing

Power washing gutters removes dirt and restores them to top shape.

Gutter vacuuming

A strong vacuum cleans gutters in a novel gutter cleaning process called gutter vacuuming.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are designed to keep leaves and other debris from clogging the gutters

Why Us?

There are tons of gutter-cleaning businesses out there vying for your attention. Naturally, you may wonder what sets our cleaning apart from the rest.

We combine a variety of practices that ensure that your gutters get the best cleaning and remain clean for longer periods of time. How do we do that, you ask?

Here are some of the qualities, practices, tricks, and features that define our cleaning.


Unmatched Experience

Our team has worked in almost every area of Walla Walla County. This experience has taken years to build and accumulate. But the advantage is that we have decades of combined experience in cleaning and sorting out all types of gutters.

Your home may have a unique gutter problem that you simply cannot seem to fix. Call us. It's highly likely that we've encountered similar problems sometime in the past. So, we'll save you the trouble of figuring out what to do. Instead, we'll get straight to work, clean every inch, and leave your home with spick-and-span gutters.

Our team’s experience also implies that we know how to handle old gutters that need extreme care. We’ve installed, repaired, and cleaned gutters belonging to heritage homes that are generations old. Regardless of your house's gutter cleaning problem, our team will promptly take care of it.

Maintenance Add-ons

For most of our customers, our maintenance actions remain a favorite part of the service. Our service is not limited to scooping out a few leaves. We’ll make minor repairs that allow your gutters to remain sturdy and functional for the longest time.


That’s because we understand how annoying it is to have leaky or shaky gutters that don’t work well. And we believe that every part of your house deserves to be in pristine condition. While we can't fix other parts of your home, rest assured that we'll leave your gutters in the best possible condition.

The main advantage you get with our gutter maintenance is that you save a lot on repairs later. Engaging a new contractor for a small gutter feels like overkill. not to mention the expenses you'll incur on labor, equipment, and parts. So, grab our service today and get your gutters clean and ready right away!

Superior Tools and Equipment

We’ll show up to clean your gutter with the best possible tools available on the market today.

Our cleaning guys will use everything from simple scooping tools to high-tech gutter vacuums. Each tool has a role in the comprehensive cleaning procedure we follow.

For instance, a special gutter spoon can easily push out and remove dry leaves and twigs blocking the drainage. On the other hand, a strong pressure washer will peel off any dirt or debris stuck on the inner surface of your gutter.

We bring ladders, extended hoses, safety gear, and any other tools required to execute the cleaning safely, quickly, and without disturbing you or your family.

Fast Cleaning

Time efficiency is one of our top priorities when cleaning your gutters. Of course, you should expect good time management from any cleaning service you engage in.

Our team makes certain that we do not spend any more time than necessary in your home. This practise is primarily because we value your personal time and privacy.


Also, we don’t want to keep your gutters occupied longer than necessary. Once you’ve booked our service, you’ll get a precise schedule of when the work will be done.

This schedule is crafted based on your convenience and 

Stop putting off your gutter cleaning because you don’t have the time. Simply name the time and hour, and we'll be there!

Secure Your Property

Our gutter cleaning procedure considers every aspect of your property's well-being.


Dripping gutters can cause stains and peels on your walls. Other times, water can seep through the ground, affecting your home’s foundation or making your basement a damp nightmare.


Either way, having a functional gutter will prevent most of these leakages and overflows.


When we begin cleaning your gutters, we consider the effects of all of these factors. The intention is to leave your home in a better state than when we 

Expertise with All Gutter Types

Contractors and architects alike put up different varieties of gutters or install a wide range of drains on your property.


Not all cleaners come with the required know-how to clean these gutters in the correct manner.

We pride ourselves on possessing expertise in any design or type of gutter. 

The Half-round Gutter

Half-round gutters are considered older designs and are typically visible in homes that are a few decades old.


They come with a lower risk of clogging, but they can't carry a huge volume of water during heavy rainfall.

We ensure that the circular bottom remains smooth for easy water flow and reinforce the braces for support.

The K-Style Gutter

The K-style gutter offers both form and function to modern home designs. Their unique shape allows you to install them along the fascia board. This attachment serves two purposes.


One, they look like an integral part of the house instead of sticking out like an after-market installation.

Two, the flat back against your house's board prevents water from trickling or seeping down your walls during heavy rainfall.

We’ve noticed that K-style gutters tend to collect debris faster than the half-round style. That’s because this design comes with thick folds and sharp corners.

To fix this problem, we use a combination of scoops, brushes, and power washers to remove all the grime, dirt, and mud that gets stuck within the folds.

Box-style Gutters

Builders will install box-style gutters on properties that expect a lot of runoff water from the roof. The primary benefit of the box-style gutter is that it captures and channels a higher volume of water.
However, they’re installed right under the edge or shingles of your roof.


So, clogs and chokes are harder to clean. We use everything from extended hoses and gutter vacuums to poles and pressure washers to clear the route for these big-capacity gutters to start working well again.

These are three common gutter designs seen on most houses. However, it’s not just the gutter’s shape and style that affect its cleaning and maintenance. Even the material determines its durability, ease of water passage, and overall cleaning requirements.

For example, aluminium gutters are relatively cheap, but they can also warp and lose shape faster. Bents and dents make cleaning harder, which requires custom tools and additional cleaning skills.

On the other hand, copper gutters may not lose their shape immediately but will pull against the brackets because of their weight. Our team can reinforce and reattach loose handles and brackets if your home has a copper gutter.

Other materials include vinyl or galvanised steel, which both have their strengths. Steel is stronger, and vinyl is cheaper. But they both require timely cleaning and maintenance to prevent rust, damage, or deterioration. Lucky for you, our team offers cleaning expertise in all of these materials.

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You know what we offer. What’s next? Try us out and see if we truly walk the talk. We offer an easy two-step process for you and your home to enjoy a dirt-free gutter right away.

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After scheduling, a cleaning team will inspect, assess, and clean your property's drains and gutters. Cleaning tasks vary in difficulty. We may switch gutter cleaners depending on the job. Your gutter team will always have the expertise your home needs.

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