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Tri Cities 

Window Washing + Exterior Cleaning Services

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Exterior House Cleaning Services in Tri-Cities, Washington

Are you looking for professional cleaning services in Tri-Cities, Washington? Look no further! NWCleaningMasters LLC has got your back.

Who doesn’t like a clean and properly-maintained home that looks and feels

great? It creates an inviting environment, enhances your overall mood, and

generates a positive vibe among your friends and neighbors about your home’s


Sounds great, right?

However, maintaining a clean and great-looking home requires constant effort, so much so that you might have to make a tough schedule to keep your home shiny. That’s NWCleaningMasters comes to your rescue, as we offer high-quality

maintenance work with outright precision. We offer window washing (interior/exterior), pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and Christmas light installation.

Our professional team has years of expertise dealing with house cleaning services and handles every project with utmost care and precision.

In short, if a clean and shiny home is your quest, NWCleaningMasters will take

your assignment and fulfill your pursuit. Trust us! We’ll keep your home looking

its best.

Our Services

Our Mission

"NWCleaningMasters exists to support those who take pride in their home by doing the things that nobody wants to do to keep it in good shape."

NWCleanignMasters offers top-quality cleaning services for your home. Since our professionals believe in providing top-notch services, we are transparent with everything we do. In fact, our customers rank us highly for our services, and our constant effort is to deliver the best service to everyone. Here are the home-cleaning services that we offer.

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Window Washing

Windows elevate the look of any home, and sparkling ones will make your home

stand out on the block. NWCleaningMasters has professionals who are experts in exterior and interior window cleaning.


In short, whether you have blurred or sticky windows, our team will employ the

right tools and techniques to make your windows an aesthetic feature of your

home. So how do we do it? Natural elements like dirt, hard water, and dust stain your windows and make them look drab and old. Furthermore, these pale windows obstruct views and void you of the amazing beauty you might have outside. NWCleaningMasters have years of expertise dealing with such windows as we employ the right tools for the job. Our expertise in cleaning all sizes and types of windows help us to give 100% result and satisfaction to our customers.


Our trained professionals deliver washing and cleaning services using cutting-edge cleaning equipment and tools. Furthermore, our dedicated team churns out equal effort for every job and gives its best shot to make it a success.

In short, there is no small or big cleaning project for NWCleaningMasters, as we

promise to deliver the best at attractive prices.


Furthermore, we also offer general window maintenance to enhance the

durability of your windows. So, if you have a streaky and dull window that’s

preventing you from enjoying your outer space, NWCleaningMasters is just a

phone call away from you.

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My Name is Benji Buursma

Hi, I'm Benji Buursma. I am the Branch Manager of Tri-Cities and am also one of the owners here at NWCleaningMasters LLC! In college I was training to become a professional airline pilot, but I could never shake this desire to start a business. When I heard there was a two month waiting period for community members to get their homes and windows washed, I knew this was a service that was desperately needed here in this beautiful Metropolitan of Tri-Cities . So we launched our services in the summer of 2023. We have already served more 150 customers with glowing reviews and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! I absolutely love the work that we do and the customers we count ourselves blessed to serve! And I can't wait to hear from you!

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